Classes taught as an Instructor at Texas A&M University

Department of Statistics

STAT 211: Principles of Statistics I. (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019) Calculus-based introduction to probability and probability distributions; sampling and descriptive measures; inference and hypothesis testing; analysis of variance; linear regression.

STAT 303: Statistical Methods. (Summer 2019) Introduction to descriptive statistics and basic statistical methods, no calculus background is required.

Department of Agricultural Economics

PhD Tutorial Classes. (Fall 2016,Spring 2017,Fall 2017, Spring 2018) Prepared first year PhD students to qualifier exam. Weekly review sessions on Micro-Economics, Econometric and Game Theory.

Math Camp. (Summer 2017, 2018) Review of real analysis for incoming Ph.D. students. Developed the curriculum and recorded a series of online videos. (Course Material)

Classes taught as an Lecturer at Armenian National Agrarian University (Online)

AGBU 505: Quantitative Marketing Analysis. (Summer 2018,2019) Introduction to traditional and advanced marketing techniques using R. The covered topics include Linear Regression, Decision and Classification Trees, Random Forest, Bagging, Principal Component Analysis and Cluster Analysis. (Course Material)