Working Projects

Dallakyan A. and Pourahmadi M. (2019+). Local Stationarity and Smoothing Subdiagonals of the Cholesky Factor of Large Covariance Matrices.R Package

Dallakyan A., Rakheon Kim, and Pourahmadi M. (2019 +). Time Series Graphical Lasso vs Sparse VAR Algorithms.[R Package available soon]

Dallakyan A.(2019). Nonparanormal Structural VAR for Non-Gaussian Data. Under Review


Bakhtavoryan R.,Capps O. , Salin V., and Dallakyan A.(2018)The Use of Time Series Analysis in Examining Food Safety Issues.*Journal of Food Distribution Research.2(49) 57-80

Bakhtavoryan R., Dallakyan A. , and M. Galstyan.(2016)Analysis of Factors Impacting Rural Women’s Labor Force Participation in Armenia.Collected Articles on the Problems of Sustained Social-Economic Development of Republic of Armenia.1 (23)309-322